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Mitch Klett

Mitch Klett

Dr. Mitchell Klett earned his Bachelor's degree in Geoscience and Master's in Science Curriculum from the University of Texas at Dallas. He began his teaching career in Texas at A. C. New Middle School, part of the Mesquite Independent School District. He attended the University of Idaho and graduated with an earned doctorate in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on science education and educational technology.

Dr. Klett was hired by Northern Michigan University in 2004 to teach earth and space science to preservice teachers. In December of 2004, Dr. Klett was awarded the TLC Award for exemplary use of TLC laptops in teaching. In addition, Dr. Klett was 2002-2004 research fellow for the National Center for Online Learning and Research (NCOLR) and received Northern Michigan University's technology integration award for 2004.

Dr. Klett is currently the principle investigator of a Earth System Science Educational Alliance (ESSEA) grant empowering change in earth science education at the University level. His experience in science teaching includes; Models in Science Teaching, Methods and Materials in Science Teaching, Earth Science, and Integrating Technology in Science Teaching. He was promoted the rank of Associate Professor in 2007 at Northern Michigan University's School of Education, Leadership and Public Service.