Hoppes Award

I. Hoppes Award—Criteria and Procedures

A. Outstanding - defined

1. GPA of 3.0 or above

2. Student Teaching Performance

a. Student teaching reports

b. Letter of recommendation from university supervisor

c. Letter of support from supervising teacher and others

d. Evidence of outstanding performance, i.e. video taped lesson, lesson plans, evaluation, journals, involvement in extracurricular activities, etc.

B. Graduating Senior in Elementary Education - Defined

1. Graduated after last award given at the end of winter term

a. On the August, December or April graduation lists for that academic year

II. Nomination of Candidates

A. Nominating faculty member should determine if they feel the criteria have been met and that evidence will be available if needed for A.1.b. and A.2.b.,c. and d.

1. Nominated by an education faculty member

2. Nomination due three weeks before the end of winter semester. (Award is presented at the senior reception at the end of the winter semester.) Forms available for distribution.

3. Nominations and documentation should be submitted to the director of laboratory field experiences so that she/he may supply the committee with needed information on the candidates.

III. Selection Committee

A. Composed of three representative education faculty members appointed by the department head. The committee will report its recommendation to the head of the department at least one week prior to the reception during which the award is to be given and the recommended person will be approved by the faculty.