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NMU students

What does it take to be a teacher in the 21st century? The same creativity, love of learning, caring for young people and high level of competency in one's subjects of specialization that teaching has always required.  However, today's teacher is also expected to be tech savvy, multiculturally aware and more familiar with outcomes assessment than ever before.

Northern's School of Education, Leadership and Public Service can help you develop these skills. In addition to our outstanding professional development series required of all elementary and secondary education majors , NMU's technology program puts a notebook computer in your hands (as part of tuition and fees) and helps you learn to deal with technology on a daily basis. When you graduate you will feel confident using technology in your future teaching experiences.

The School of Education, Leadership and Public Service also take measures to incorporate multiculturalism into its education curriculum. We encourage students to participate in on-campus and community events that take you outside your comfort zone, and we expose you to as many different aspects of diversity as we can. Additionally, outcomes assessment is worked into your own learning experience, so you will understand how to bring benchmarks and other assessment tools into your classroom.

We strongly believe that the Northern Michigan University School of Education, Leadership and Public Service can prepare you to be a successful 21st century teacher. As faculty and staff, we take our teaching seriously because we hope that when you become a teacher, you'll feel you have great examples to follow.  That means we stay current on new teaching trends and requirements, we are involved in campus and community activities (as you will be at any school district you work for) and we push ourselves to try new things and engage in new experiences.

These are the same traits we hope you develop and strengthen during your time at NMU. The opportunities are unlimited. Take advantage of them as they can help you become a better teacher.

To see a video of students in a science course, click here.

Student Videos

Readers Theatre 2008
Recorded at Superior Hills Elementary, Readers Theatre 2008 was a delight! Led by Dr. Sue Szczepanski, students put on a show that dealt with elementary mathematics. Be sure to watch the video!


Classroom Demonstrations
Students from ED307 - Integrating the Arts into the Elementary Curriculum, perform skits as part of their in-class activities.