Off Campus Housing Submission Form

Housing Submission Form


If you are posting for a sub-let, you MUST have approval of the landlord before you submit your listing.  

Upon completion of this form you will be sent a confirmation e-mail.  It will contain information on how to edit your listing and a code number that you will need to perform any future edits to your listing.  You must retain this e-mail in order to edit/delete your listing. Please read the information under "Off Campus Housing List" for information on zoning laws, disclaimers, etc.


NMU is under no obligation to list accommodations and reserves the right to remove listings at any time without prior notice.  All submissions will be reviewed before they are approved.   


Please be aware that there are scams taking place in Marquette and the surrounding areas.  If you are contacted by an individual who wants you to cash checks/money orders keeping a portion of the money for the rent/deposit on your rental and asking you to send the balance to a friend or relative...DO NOT DO IT.  This is a scam.  Bring the checks/money orders to your bank for further investigation.  Please call the DSO for further information at 906-227-1700.