Commuter FAQs

Where can I find a listing of student services on campus?
There are many services available for NMU students.  This link categorizes them.

 Where can I park on campus?
The campus parking map is available here.

How do I get a parking pass?  How much does it cost?
Campus parking fee information is available here. Online vehicle registration is available here.
Where can I get more information about parking? The best source for information about parking is NMU's Public Safety Parking site.

Where are academic buildings located on campus?
There are a number of academic buildings on campus.  Students are encouraged to determine the location of their classrooms using their course schedule and the NMU campus map, available here.

Where can I find the NMU campus map? 
A copy of the campus map is located here.

Where do I find the Wildcat Shuttle schedule?
For information about the Wildcat Shuttle, visit this site.

Is there a lost/found on campus?
Public Safety and Police Services is designated as the central repository for all lost, found, and abandoned property recovered on property owned and controlled by the University.  Public Safety is located in the Services Building and their phone number is 906-227-2151. 

What is NMU's inclement weather policy?
Inclement Weather Policy located here:

Where can I hang out, relax, or study between classes?
There are a number of public areas on campus where students gather between classes.  Here are a few examples of common locations:

  • Study Lounge near Starbucks

  • University Center Peter White Lounge

  • Hedgcock Atrium

  • Jacobetti Complex commons

  • Lydia Olson Library main floor

Where can I eat on campus?
There are many places to eat on campus. NMU's Dining Services offers descriptions of each location.

Is there a meal plan option for commuter students?
Commuter students are encouraged to learn more about the meal plans that Dining Services offers here.

Is child care available?
NMU does not have a daycare program.  There is a Head Start program located on campus which is run by the Alger-Marquette Community Action Board (AMCAB).  A link to their site, along with other resources to assist in locating daycare, can be found here.

How do I withdraw from all my classes?
Information about complete withdrawal from NMU is here - read carefully.

How do I withdraw from just one or two classes?
Information about what to do if you need to withdraw from one or two courses (but not all courses) is located here - read carefully.

What hours is the library open?
Library hours can be found here.

What should I do if I need to miss class?

If you are too sick to get to your classes, you should always e-mail your professors before classes start.  If that is not possible, do it as soon as you can.

  • Professor contact information is available here.

  • Let them know you are missing class because you are sick.

  • Ask them if they can let you know what material you will miss. You should do this for each missed class. 

  • When you are feeling better, we suggest you meet with your professors during their office hours to talk about making up missed work.

How can I contact my professors?
E-mail is the preferred method of communication, as it provides a written record of your correspondence.
Professor contact information can be found on your syllabus or you can search here.

Where can I learn about academic dates and deadlines for the semester?

  1. Academic Year Calendars 

  2. Final Exam Schedule

  3. Add/Drop Deadlines

  4. Registration Week Schedule

Is there a place where I can heat up food or a meal that I bring from home?
Yes.  The Hedgcock building has two microwaves in common areas.  One is on the main floor, near the financial aid office.  The other microwave is on the upper level, adjacent to the atrium.

How do I find out what is happening on campus, outside of class?
There are a number of ways to stay connected with campus: check NMU's home page, read the Northwind Newspaper, and read the Campus Connect announcements.  

How can I get involved with student government?
Visit the Associated Students of Northern Michigan University (ASNMU) web site or stop in the ASNMU Office and ask for the Off-Campus Student Affairs representative.

Where can I learn more about student organizations?
The Center for Student Enrichment web site provides a wealth of information about current NMU student organizations.  Student organizations are categorized and each organization provides a description and contact person.  Learn more.

Where can I find out about part-time campus jobs?
The NMU Career Services web site provides updated job listings for part- and full-time positions.  They also host resume workshops, interview workshops, and job fairs.

Is there a bank on campus?
There is a Flagstar Bank branch on campus.  It is located at 1106 University Center, near the NMU Bookstore and Wildcat Express Center.  Their phone number is 906-226-0003.

Is there an on-campus health care service provider?
Yes.  The Vielmetti Health Center is located on the lower level of Gries Hall.  Visit their web site for more information or call them at 906-227-2355 for an appointment.

What are the blue-lighted poles around campus?
NMU began a proactive program with the installation of "code blue" emergency telephones that provide two-way communications from the phone site directly to Public Safety dispatch 911 emergency line. The purpose of these phones is for emergency contact to Public Safety allowing immediate response by patrols. The phones are located strategically throughout campus at 21 different locations.  Assessments for new installations are made during new construction projects.

Where can I work out while on campus?
The Physical Education Instructional Facility (PEIF).  For specific information about hours, rates, and facilities, visit the PEIF site.

What if my question is not listed here?
Please feel free to contact the Dean of Students office:  via phone at 906-227-1700 or via e-mail at