Commuter and Non-Traditional Students

Welcome Commuter and Non-Traditional Students!

Many of the links listed are university links while others are Marquette-area resources.  Although they are linked here, the university is not directly affiliated with the listed organizations.

Carpooling and Public Transportation 

Need a ride?  Willing to give a ride?  Want to save on gas?  There are many opportunities for carpooling on a daily basis and for weekend trips.  There is public transportation available to and from our campus. Located near Flagstar Bank in the Northern Center is a Commuter Connection Board with tips for commuters, and a place to post and find rides. You can also use one of the links below to obtain carpool connections that are available in the area.

Campus Transportation 

School Closings

Want to find out if there’s a Snow Day? Call the B-R-R-R line (906) 227-BRRR

Popular Study Spots

  • Jamrich Hall (All three floors)
  • Hedgcock Atrium (3rd floor, in front of Melted)
  • Commons Area of Jacobetti Complex
  • Northern Center (In front of Barnes and Noble)
  • PEIF (2nd floor)
  • Superior Dome (near Cats Corner Store)

Microwave Locations

  • Jacobetti Complex* (Commons Area*)
  • Harden Hall Lower Level* (Outside the Languages Lab)
  • 2nd Floor of Hedgcock* (Between Financial Aid and Admissions)
  • 3rd Floor of Hedgcock* (Next to Melted)
  • 3rd Floor of Hedgcock (Veteran’s Lounge)
  • Art and Design Building* (Main Floor, Room 167)
  • PEIF Concessions

* These locations also have vending machines nearby.

Campus Eats

Commuters can purchase an on campus dining plan here!

*Visit Northern Michigan University Dining for a Full List

Get Involved

Getting involved with a student organization is the best way to meet other students on campus! There are nearly 300 student organizations on campus, so there's something for everyone. If you already have a great idea for a student organization but it doesn't exist, you can start a new one!

Access Spending Money

  • ATM's are in the Northern Center (main floor near the bank) and Harden Hall (lower level)

Locker Rentals

  • Full Semester: Built in Lock - Bottom Floor Harden (See Olson Library Main Desk)
    • No fee!
  • Short Term Borrow: Jacobetti Complex, PIEF Recreation Center, McClintock (See the Music Department)
    • Bring your own locks!

Lost Something? Contact NMU Police Department at (906)227-2151.

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