Aim North

What is Aim North?

A 6-week program designed to help students get a head start on their journey to college. This program will allow students to take two college-level courses in their hometown, earn college credit, and complete some of the requirements needed for a college degree—in their summer after high school graduation.

The Goals of Aim North

Aim North has one goal in mind: to see students graduate from college.

We believe that one way to do this is by building a strong support system within a student's existing community and gaining the confidence to succeed at college by starting early, in a supportive and familiar environment.

Aim North 2020

ED 101 The American School 3 cr.
This course, intended for students not majoring in education, will examine education and its institutions and processes from the perspective of the informed citizen. The focus will be on policy questions and their implications for society and for the children in America’s schools.

NAS 101 Anishinaabe Language, Culture and Community I 4 cr.
An introduction to Anishinaabemowin language including grammar, vocabulary, idioms and syllabics. Students will learn to read, write and speak basic Anishinaabemowin. This course also promotes the preservation of Anishinaabe culture by examining various facets of Anishinaabe everyday life and contemporary issues.


Dates: June 29 - August 7

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Monday-Friday

Location: Online, Live video session via Zoom


AIM North Participants with NMU President Erickson