Aim North

What is Aim North?

A program designed to help students in the Detroit community get a head start on their journey to college. This program will allow students to take two college-level courses in their hometown, earn college credit, and complete some of the requirements needed for a college degree—in their summer after high school graduation.

Aim North Participants and Advisers on the NMU Wildcat StatueThe Goals of Aim North

Aim North has one goal in mind: to see students graduate from college. 

We believe that one way to do this is by building a strong support system within a student's existing community and gaining the confidence to succeed at college by starting early, in a supportive and familiar environment.


Aim North - Detroit


June 24 - August 1, 2019 (Monday - Friday)


César Chávez Academy High School

1761 Waterman Street, Detroit, MI 48209