Test Accommodation Talking Points

Professor talking points regarding testing accommodations:

Example:  My name is ____________________.  I have a diagnosed disability.  Here is my accommodation letter, which verifies my disability and shows that I have been approved for testing accommodations.

1.  Ask if professor plans to arrange an alternate testing site or if you should take test in Disability Services?
2. Make sure professor knows how much time you should have (time and a half or double time), ESPECIALLY if test is in Educat.
3. Let professor know if you plan to have a test reader or a scribe, this may affect where professor wants you to take the test.
4. Discuss any scheduling issues with professor.  For example, if you have to begin an exam a half hour early or if professor lectures before or after test.
5. Make sure professor knows that if there are any questions regarding how testing accommodations should be arranged, he/she should contact the Disability Services Office.


**Make test accommodation requests through the NMU DIsability Services Portal at least 5 business days prior to test date.**