Accommodations for Veteran Students

Students in lectureThe following are accommodations often used by student veterans.

Classroom Furniture
Padded and flexible back chairs can be provided for student veterans who have injuries which make it difficult to sit for long periods of time. 

Classroom Preferential Seating
Seats can be reserved for students who stay more focused sitting in a certain place during a lecture (e.g. front or back row, away from windows, close to door).

Advocating with Professors
The Coordinator can explain how to speak with professors about absences due to military orders and medical appointments as well as how to address other circumstances which may arise for student veterans in the classroom. 

Alternate Testing Site/Extended Test Time
This is a distraction free environment with a proctor for the duration of a test and /or uninterrupted testing time that is typically 1.5x the time allotted on the quiz or test.

Note Taker
This is a classmate who provides copies of their own notes to the student. The student receiving notes must attend class in order to receive notes.

Reading Accommodations
Textbooks can be provided in an e-text or audio format.  Test readers can be provided to read the test items as often as the student needs within the allotted test period. 


Accommodations in a university setting do not include alterations to academic programs, providing equipment or services of a personal nature or any adjustment that would impose an undue burden on the institution.