Web Conferencing

Web conferencing software provides a powerful suite of tools that enable faculty to present to and collaborate with students in different locations. Participants in a web conference (sometimes referred to as a "webinar" or "virtual meeting") can text chat, share their desktops  (i.e., broadcasting one participant's computer screen to everyone else), and use micrphones and webcams to talk.  Some instructors use web conferencing for synchronous ("live") parts of online courses; others use it to conduct "virtual office hours" with online students.  Note: If an online course includes any synchronous activities, that must be noted in the course catalog. 


NMU EduCat has "ZOOM" web conferencing software incorporated as an available activity.  The CTL also manages limited licenses of an alternate tool, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, that provides many of the same features as Wildcast does, as well as a few specialized extras.  

For more information about Web Conferencing, please visit the CTL Resource Library.