Qualtrics @ NMU

Log in to QualtricsQualtrics Research Suite is an online survey program that provides a powerful set of tools for data collection and analysis.  NMU has a subscription to Qualtrics, and it is available to all faculty and staff. NMU students who have academic projects that require use of surveys should ask their instructor or advisor to e-mail CTL to request that they be given access to Qualtrics. 

Learning about Qualtrics and Developing Surveys

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides on-campus training and support for Qualtrics. This includes periodic workshops, as well as individual consultations. Check the Center for Teaching and Learning workshop registration site to see if any upcoming workshops are scheduled. To schedule an individual consultation, e-mail CTL.

Through their "Qualtrics Support" website, Qualtrics also offers many free online references and resources. These resources include a set of tutorials designed to get new users up to speed in under three hours. 

Guidelines for Using Qualtrics for Human Subjects Research

When creating and distributing surveys, NMU Qualtrics users must take care to be in compliance with NMU's guidelines, processes, and procedures for Human Subjects in Research. For questions regarding Human Subjects Research policies, contact Institutional Review Board chair Derek Anderson at dereande@nmu.edu.

For more information about Qualtrics, please visit the CTL Resource Library.