Online Testing

Online Testing is one of the options offered within EduCat.

Tests or quizzes can be in multiple formats including Multiple Choice, True/False, Short Answer, Fill in the Blank, and Essay.  Those that have a defined correct answer, such as multiple choice, true/false, or fill in the blank can be automatically graded and recorded in your course.  Questions such as short answer and essay have to be manually graded.  You can mix types of questions within a single test.  The system will grade those that you have provided answers for and allow you to complete the grading for any manual items. Click the links below to find out more about:

Please also visit the CTL Resource Library for more information.

Suggestions for Best Practice

We suggest that you don't solely rely upon LockDown Browser- (if you do use it, remember to use the test quiz prior to test day to make sure students don't have problems on test day).

Limit the number of questions per page to approximately 5 (or some other number based on your particular quiz).

Make sure you don't give away the right answers to a quiz in the Review sections until the quiz is closed, but ensure that you do display the Marks so that students can see their grades.

With larger classes, it may be helpful to randomize questions - be careful if questions are dependent upon common instructions (such as responses to a Case Study) or if you would like to keep similar types together (all Multiple Choices together, all T/F together, etc).  

Specific test banks can be created and random questions can be drawn from those banks.  For example, banks can be created for Chapter 1, Multiple Choice and Chapter 1, True/False which each contain 30 questions, then a test can be created which randomly draws 10 multiple choice and 5 T/F.

Be careful randomizing answers, especially if they contain options such as 'all of the above', 'none of the above', 'only a and b', etc.


Please refer to our videos for more information on Quizzing, as well as other EduCat features.