NMU Resources

The Lydia M. Olson Library contains books and journals and provides accLydia M. Olson Library signess to numerous databases. Librarians offer personal guidance in the use of the online catalog, indexes, abstracts, reference sources, online databases and Internet sources. Students are encouraged to seek assistance in accessing and evaluating the many resources available. Library tours and instructional presentations are offered to help students become familiar with the library and information resources and to help them develop their research skills. Try searching for particular resources in the primary or secondary literature on teaching.  OneSearch searches ERIC which is a large database of educational resources as well as other databases.

Peer Evaluation of Teaching consists of the review of teaching performance by colleagues, usually in the same or a similar discipline, with the purpose of assessing and improving the quality of teaching.  

TLAC (The Teaching and Learning Advisory Council) is an NMU Senate committee dedicated to the support of teaching.  TLAC works closely with the Center for Teaching and Learning on a number of projects including oversight of grants and coordination of workshops and seminars.

The New Faculty Central website provides resources and a calendar of events specifically tailored to early career faculty.


Active Learning Classes

Student-centered active learning techniques have been proven to have positive effects on student learning. During a class session that employs active learning, the instructor typically minimizes lecture and instead facilitates various types of student group work, such as problem solving, role playing, investigation, and analysis.  

Though it is possible to incorporate many aspects of active learning in a traditional classroom, the constraints of fixed row, front-facing seats present challenges.  Active learning is more easily implemented in a learning space designed with active learning in mind.  These spaces have furniture that facilitates collaboration, and typically have several dry erase boards or other writing surfaces available for students. Some also have enhanced technology to facilitate active learning.

NMU has several active learning classrooms on campus, including the majority of the rooms in Jamrich Hall.  Visit the Classroom Support website for details about our classroom services, including forms for requesting equipment and assistance and reporting problems, as well as a database of all learning spaces on campus.