Chelsea KuzmakStudent Receptionist Chelsea Kuzmak describes her life at NMU

By: Shannon Smith

Chelsea Kuzmak is a student receptionist in the Criminal Justice department, where she has enjoyed working since the beginning of winter semester. "I really like the people I work with because they've been so helpful and kind.  I've learned so many great, useful skills that have not only helped me in my current job, but will help me in any future job as well."

Even though she has lived in Marquette for all her life, Chelsea is still astounded by the scenery around the area. "I grew up in Marquette. [It] is truly a beautiful place, and I was really lucky to grow up with Lake Superior only two minutes away from my house." This beauty, along with the relatively inexpensive tuition, is what attracted her to Northern Michigan University, where she is majoring in social work with a human behavior cluster minor.

A social work major is the perfect fit for Chelsea, as she explains, "I've always wanted a job that involved working with people and one that meant something to me. My goal with this degree is to help people in need and hopefully change their lives for the better. This change doesn't have to be known worldwide; it could simply be getting someone a job or helping them through school. I hope that pursing this social work degree will allow me to make a change in hopefully many people's lives, no matter how big or small that change may be."

Her passion and determination for social work can definitely be seen in her plans for her future. In addition to the human behavior cluster minor, Chelsea would like to minor in psychology to help her in her future career as a social worker. She also plans to obtain her Master's degree in Social Work after she graduates from Northern. These goals are certain to be difficult, but she is fully willing to tackle the challenge. "I'm a very determined individual who doesn't quit when given a task. This is very important in social work because… things usually never happen the way you want them too."

In addition to being determined and helpful, Chelsea describes herself as happy, trustworthy, clumsy, friendly, and reliable, and being successful means, according to her, "to feel accomplished and happy with what I'm doing." She loves the outdoors, and summer is her favorite season, which for Chelsea consists of "going to the beach, hiking, camping and no school!"

Although Chelsea misses high school and the many enjoyable experiences she had, she is extremely proud of finishing her first year of college with good grades and now knowing what she will do with her life.  As for the major influences that have impacted her life and have gotten her to where she is today, Chelsea remarks, "My family has always been a huge part of my life. Especially my parents and grandparents. They've always been a constant source of support, and I don't know where I'd be without them."

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