Outstanding Student Robert Sbarboro

Robert Sbarboro Outstanding Student

Each year Northern Michigan University's Criminal Justice Department recognizes its outstanding graduating students. Past Recipients click here.

Robert Sbarboro graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Environmental Conservation in December of 2011. In addition to his outstanding academic achievements, which include an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, Robert’s contributions to NMU and the Criminal Justice Department are truly outstanding. Robert recently completed an internship with NMU’s Department of Public Safety & Police Services, where his supervisors recognized his exceptional work ethic and excellent potential for a successful career in law enforcement. These qualities led NMU’s Regional Police Academy to hire Robert part-time, where he provided training schedules and information to potential recruits, trainees and in-service police officers. Robert was also selected as a teaching assistant for an Introduction Criminal Justice course, where he proctored and graded exams, organized study sessions and individually tutored students. Robert is currently interviewing at various law enforcement agencies throughout the Midwest.

Robert received an Outstanding Student Award plaque and a check for $100 from the Criminal Justice Department. He was honored at the annual Honors Recognition Banquet. Sbarboro currently resides in Maple Park, IL. His parents are Lynn Kjellstrand and John Sbarboro.