Course Descriptions

Criminal Justice - Undergraduate Courses

CJ 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 191 Training Seminar (Specific Topic)
CJ 212 The Law Enforcement Function
CJ 213 The Judicial Function
CJ 214 The Investigative Process I
CJ 220 The Corrections Functions
CJ 221 Roles of the Corrections Client
CJ 223 Use of Force and Less Lethal Weapons
CJ 245 Legal Issues in Corrections
CJ 250 Investigative Interviewing and Interrogation
CJ 255 Drugs, Crime and the Justice System
CJ 263 Criminology
CJ 273 Environmental Conservation Criminology
CJ 280 Criminal Law
CJ 295 Special Topics in Criminal Justice
CJ 298 Directed Study
CJ 299 Police Academy
CJ 302 Community Relations and Crime Prevention
CJ 315 Criminal Procedure
CJ 322 Institutional Corrections
CJ 323 Community-Based Corrections
CJ 340 Firearms and Violence
CJ 360 Case Studies in Crime
CJ 383 Environmental Conservation Law
CJ 412 Crisis Intervention and Stress Analysis
CJ 414 The Investigative Process II
CJ 420 Forensic Psychology
CJ 426 International Crime and Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
CJ 432 Violent Crime and Victimology
CJ 435 Domestic and International Terrorism
CJ 440 Discretionary Justice
CJ 454 Wildlife Crime
CJ 460 Native American Justice
CJ 465 Problem Solving in Criminal Justice
CJ 470 Liability Law in Criminal Justice
CJ 480 Cybercrime
CJ 490 Professional Development and Assessment
CJ 491 Internship in Criminal Justice
CJ 495 Special Topics in Criminal Justice
CJ 497 Teaching/Research Apprenticeship
CJ 498 Directed Study

Loss Prevention - Undergraduate Courses

LPM 101 Principles of Asset Protection
LPM 190 Communications in Loss Prevention
LPM 276 Loss Prevention Management and Human Resources
LPM 290 Retail Accounting and Inventory Control
LPM 295 Special Topics in Loss Prevention
LPM 342 Legal Aspects of Loss Prevention
LPM 351 Loss Prevention Data Analysis
LPM 390 Principles of Retail Investigations
LPM 391 Biometrics in Loss Prevention
LPM 430 Loss Prevention Risk and Crisis Management
LPM 491 Internship
LPM 495 Special Topics in Loss Prevention
LPM 498 Directed Study in Loss Prevention

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