Internship Testimonials

"If it were not for my internship experience I would have never been able to apply Criminal Justice concepts that I learned in the classroom into real life. By completing an internship I am able to focus on what path in the Criminal Justice field that I want to pursue after graduation. My internship had given me more direction for my future which i would have not gotten in the classroom."   -Shannon Kritz Yellowstone National Park, Roosevelt Lodge

“I believe internships are essential to an individual’s learning process and growing process as a person. My particular internship enabled me to conduct myself in a professional manner twice a week and I believe this was beneficial because in a real world setting you will have to do the same. Also, an internship is a great way to find out what you like and more importantly what you don’t like. Sometimes it takes hands on experience to help you realize that you could see yourself doing this as a professional or that you absolutely couldn’t see yourself doing it. You can also recognize the things you liked and the things you didn’t like within the process. The personal growth you can receive from this is so valuable that I encourage everyone, if possible, to get involved in an internship. I couldn’t have made a better decision for myself as a criminal justice student at Northern Michigan University.”
-Kelsey Sipple, Marquette Juvenile Court

"I honestly believe without doing this internship I still would not know what I really wanted to do with my future. After spending the winter semester learning who I really am and what I am meant to do, I can say I'm going to be a defense attorney, and thank you Judge Greeley for giving me an opportunity like this."
-Sam Chamblin, Marquette Federal Court

"Interning with the Marquette City Police Department was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  The officers I worked with gave me the opportunity to get right in the middle of all of the excitement that police work has to offer; they were more than willing to teach, explain, and support me throughout the entirely of my internship.  This experience has helped strengthened my career preparation for this field of work.  Doing an internship really helps you gain a unique perspective into the world of law enforcement."
-Nick Calzetta, Marquette City Police

"Previous to this internship experience, I had various doubt about completing an internship.  By taking this internship, I have gained more confidence, a more positive outlook and more encouragement.  I not only gained strength in myself, but I formed friendships between the officers at the Marquette Sheriff’s Department.  To those who have doubts like I did, I highly recommend the experience an internship can provide.  An internship boosts your energy inside, and you also gain first-hand experiences in countless situations that you could one day encounter.  It’s well worth the credits, the experience, and the mentality of the criminal justice system."
-Lisa Bennett, Marquette County Sheriff

"An internship is a great experience and I would recommend it to any student.  It’s a great alternative to classroom work, but at the same time, allows you to still learn and get experience in a career field you have an interest in."
-Joshua Byers, Marquette City Police

"These are the “real-world” situations you will encounter as a police officer and it is a wonderful experience."
-Josh Paisley, Michigan State Police

"While I have learned a lot in my four years of Criminal Justice classes at NMU, I don't believe anything can really compare to what I learned during my time as an intern. Classes can provide us with facts, figures, terms, and hypothetical situations, but actually participating in real life situations has a learning value above and beyond typical classroom work. I would recommend that all Criminal Justice majors participate in an internship because it gives you an idea of what to expect in the 'real world' along with a number of general skills such as communication and building professional relationships, which can assist you no matter what kind of career you choose to pursue."
-Allison Gager, Marquette County Juvenile Court

"The opportunity to participate in an internship is an experience that you will never forget. This opportunity has opened several doors for me and has provided me with knowledge and experience in law enforcement. I would highly recommend doing an internship to gain insight on what really happens in the world of policing."
-Benjamin Booker, Marquette County Sheriff's Office

"Internships are a great way to see what it's truly like in the real world of criminal justice, as well as learning from the people who have worked in the system for years and years. This has been the best learning experience I have ever had, and anyone who is thinking about finding an internship, paid or unpaid, should absolutely go for it!"
-Erin Jones, Intern at the U.S. Pretrial Services in St. Paul, Minnesota

“I found my dream job by taking a chance doing an internship my last semester of college. The first day I walked in the door, I was terrified, but through my internship, I have found and embraced a rewarding career that is perfect for me. The warm, content feeling that you get when you are happy – that is what going to work feels like for me.”
-Catrina Nyberg, Intern at the Marquette County Juvenile Probation Office

"I am so grateful that this kind of a program is available to utilize. I consider this internship the most valuable class I have taken at college. I think that this program should be a requirement to graduate with any degree. I would strongly encourage anyone considering an internship to try it and I guarantee that they will take some valuable information from their experience."
-Danielle Lackie, Intern at Resource Management Associates