Degree Requirements

Northern Michigan University’s Bachelor’s in Loss Prevention Management will prepare specialists and managers on the concepts, series and best practices associated with the field. Students will learn basic theories and concepts, as well as organizational fundamentals including goals, missions, objectives, functions, operations and roles. Classes will delve into management theory, investigative techniques and data analysis specific to loss prevention. 

The focus of this program is to develop well-rounded students able to effectively work anywhere in the country in their field. Courses are designed to give students applicable knowledge for any division of loss prevention as they enter the work force.

Core Courses 24 credits
LPM 101 Principles of Asset Protection  4 credits
LPM 190 Communications in Loss Prevention 4 credits
LPM 276 Loss Prevention Management and Human Resources 4 credits
LPM 290 Retail Accounting and Inventory Control  4 credits
LPM 351 Loss Prevention Data Analysis  4 credits
LPM 390 Principles of Retail Investigations  4 credits
Electives 16 credits
At least 8 credits must be at the 300 level or above.
General Education 30-40 credits
General Electives 40 credits
Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, or Sociology recommended.
Total Credits 120 credits


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