CJ 490 Students receive top honors

CJ students (L to R) : Zachary Sorelle, Charli Peters, and Benjamin Velmer were recently rated as top interviewees in Professor Robert Hanson's CJ 490 Professional Development and Assessment course.

Students were interviewed by real-life professionals working in the criminal justice field. This semester's interviewers were James Alexander, Deputy Warden of the Marquette Branch Prison; Michael Bath, Director of NMU's Public Safety; and Anne Crandall, Director of Treatment for Teaching Family Homes.

Out of 58 students interviewed this semester, these three students were rated top as providing the best performance in a mock interview.

Students were asked to provide a cover letter and resume for a job they were interested in.  The professionals then interviewed the student for the job just like it was the real interview.  Students were expected to present themselves in the best light in order to be accepted for the position.

Many students never have an opportunity to be interviewed for a job before that real important job interview actually occurs.  The experiences they gain in this mock interview experience teach them a lot about themselves and provided them with insight on how to improve their interview experience. 

Some students say the never realized that they tapped their legs when they got nervous, or used the word "like this... or like that..." so much.  Nor, do they realize the significance of dress and demeanor when participating in an interview.  These are things that are important to learn early on so one can correct things to improve his/her chances of being hired.  Given the low economic times, employers are looking for employees who can "walk the walk" and "talk the talk."

Each semester, we have received numerous emails from previous graduates who said that this experience was one of the contributing factors that put them ahead of other candidates.