Careers and Jobs

Looking for a career in criminal justice but not sure what it entails or if it is something you are interested in? Take a look at some of these career options to gain an idea of the qualifications, duties and what you might experience in a typical day on the job.   

After narrowing down options, meet with your adviser to discuss it in more detail. Find people in that field to talk with to get their perceptions and ideas. This will help increase your knowledge and views on the position. The more opinions, the better your understanding will be of the career and if it is something that you want to pursue.

Bookmark CJ job openings  to watch for new announcements on internships and open vacancies. Check back often and watch your NMU e-mail for announcements from the CJ department.

For more general information, look through this list of organizations that are great outlets for students in the criminal justice program. For different agencies that are dedicated to justice in all forms, visit this list of justice agencies for career ideas. There are also numerous professional agencies that can be explored. 

In addition, representatives at the NMU's Career Services office are available to assist you to begin developing a resume and cover letter for employment.  Sign up for their job notification e-mails  for vacancies with potential employers.

♦ Conservation Officers 

♦ Paralegal 

♦ State Troopers

♦ Crime Scene Investigators

♦ Corrections Officers 

♦ Criminologists

♦ TSA Agent 

♦ Border Patrol Agents 

♦ Secret Service Special Agent  

♦ FBI Agent

♦ Probation and Parole Officers  

♦ U.S. Marshall

♦ Loss Prevention Agents