Can I complete a Criminal Justice degree entirely online?

Northern Michigan University has a growing list of online and hybrid programs and courses.

Our department offers several online programs.

However, the university also offers some Hybrid / Blended Instruction programs which include the traditional learning environment (face-to-face, for on-campus classes) enhanced by technology and often employing tools in a learning management system (EduCat).

In addition to our online degree programs, we consider our other NMU Criminal Justice - Undergraduate Programs, as hybrid programs. This is a popular option for students who want to complete a degree, but cannot always be available to take classes on campus. Although not 100% online, the majority of our classes for our major can be taken online. This would allow a student an opportunity to complete the degree by taking the majority of the classes online, and complete the other classes either on campus or by transferring the credit(s) to NMU. Students would still have to comply with CJ degree requirements, including issues associated with transfer policy and residency requirements.

Refer to our advising sheets to give you an idea of what courses we may offer online for our majors in any given semester. For example, the advising sheet for the criminal justice bachelor's degree (indicates online Web courses marked with a "W" (for example CJ 110w Introduction to Criminal Justice)). If you have already earned college credit and want to see how your courses would apply toward one of our CJ degree programs follow the Instructions For Filling Out Your Advising Sheet.

  • Our two-year degree program in Criminal Justice
  • Our two-year degree program in Law Enforcement (However, a student is still required to come to campus to complete the Regional Police Academy)
  • Our Bachelor in Criminal Justice degree (At this time, all but one course (CJ 490) could be offered via the web in order to complete our major. We hope to have it available soon)

In addition to our courses, a student would still need to select courses for the remaining requirements of the degree:

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So YES. There is a good chance that you could finish your degree online. If you take the time to map out your courses, we would be glad to discuss your program. Contact us at 906-227-2660.