Add/Drop Department Policy

Prior to the first day of class. Prior to the first day of classes, students are required to check the online registration at to see if the CJ class has an opening and then do an online add/drop. Students should not contact the professor to request to be added to the course. The instructor will only refer the student back to this department policy.

Students graduating this semester. In unusual circumstances, if the student has tried repeatedly to get into a CJ course that is full and still needs the CJ course in order to graduate, the student should contact the Criminal Justice Department Head (906) 227-2660 and request to be added to the CJ course. In this case, evidence is required for consideration to be added.

Evidence required. The student must run a degree evaluation, which outlines the official major/minor and shows which courses have been met for the degree. The CJ course needed  should show up as not met, as shown on the degree evaluation.The criminal justice department head will make a decision to add the student to the CJ course based on extenuating circumstances and the evidence provided.

Currently enrolled students can be dropped automatically from class if they do not attend class the first week of the semester. To allow additional students into the course, the instructor can choose to automatically drop a currently enrolled student from the class if the student has not attend class the first week (or its equivalent of first week of class); and the student has not contacted the instructor. The instructor will complete the Automatic Withdrawal form, located on the CJ Departmental Forms Web page. The form must be received in the Registrar’s Office by the Tuesday of the second week of the semester and a copy furnished to the student. The instructor can choose to fax the form to the Registrar’s Office at 906-227-2231.

How to add a course during the first week of school. During the first week of school, students will attend the first CJ class and bring a drop/add card PDF for the instructor to sign. If the instructor signs the drop/add card, the student will bring the card to Student Services Office in Hedgcock building to be officially added to the course.  

How to add a Web course. On the first day of class, students who want to get into a CJ Web course must e-mail the instructor (including the student's first/last name and NMU IN#), to ask for permission to be added. If, the instructor grants permission, he/she will forward the student's request to the department secretary's e-mail (and copy the student) with the approval. The course will appear on the student’s schedule within 24-48 hours.