COVID Update to Students - April 17, 2020

COVID-19 Update For Students 

Here are 15 COVID-19 crisis related updates that NMU students can read in 2 minutes or less.

  • Northern has raised the financial hold limit to register for summer and fall courses to $2,000.  Course offerings for each semester are available on the MyNMU home page.
  • Disability Services has developed a “remote test reader agreement” form so that parents and others can serve as readers and scribes, as needed. If you qualify for these types of accommodations, contact Harger Boal, director of NMU Disability Services, at or 906-227-1737.
  • SkillBuilder workshops are still taking place, now done remotely. Check the remaining schedule at
  • Need help with your papers? The NMU Writing Center is still open. Schedule an appointment at:
  • How will final exams work? If your professor is giving a final exam, they will have two options: 1) a synchronous final exam, held during the originally scheduled final exam time for the course, or 2) an asynchronous final exam, made available during finals week (not before), at a time that includes, but is not limited to, the originally scheduled final exam time for the course.  Ask your professor which they plan to use if that information has not already been communicated to you.
  • NMU Housing and Residence Life will be contacting students about their bikes stored in Spooner Hall shortly. Watch your NMU email for that information.
  • Housing and Residence Life will also be distributing information Friday (April 17) about the move-out process, including for those who need to return to collect belongings. Watch your NMU email for that.
  • Reminder: Governor Whitmer’s “stay at home, stay safe” executive order includes no non-essential travel between residences, meaning students and family members should not be returning to campus to move belongings until the travel restrictions have been lifted.
  • The NMU Food Pantry is still operating although ordering is now being done online. Get information on the process for ordering and pick up here.  There is no cost to use the Food Pantry.
  • Applications to the 2020 Wildcat Student Relief Fund are being processed and approval notifications will be emailed to NMU accounts starting next week. Students can apply through May 1 by going to the “donor-funded scholarship” link on the Student Services menu of the MyNMU portal. Funds will be distributed until exhausted.
  • Our apologies for any confusion regarding a study area in Jamrich Hall. Once the governor’s “stay at home, stay safe” executive order was put in place, Jamrich Hall was closed along with all other NMU facilities.  Due to the governor’s directive, there is no current open study area in any Northern facility.
  • Please watch for phishing attempts; students have reported an increase in such attempts. These often look like an email or text from NMU that ask students to: 1) fill out a form to receive extra money; 2) enter a bank account so money can be deposited; or 3) reset your userid or password. Do not get scammed. Do not share sensitive information without validating a web form. Northern does not ask for user ID or password except for the MyNMU portal. Use only from a separate browser window to reset your password. Please note that NMU will never ask you to input bank account information into a web form. Likewise, NMU faculty and staff will never ask you to purchase anything (like gift cards) for them or their program. If you are in doubt if an email is actually from NMU, contact the HelpDesk at 906-227-2468 or  
  • Masks are required of NMU student employees during their work shifts. Masks are not required of NMU students on campus, but are strongly encouraged per CDC recommendations when in areas where there is interaction with other individuals. Contact your work supervisor if you are in need of a mask for work.
  • Please stay in touch with your professors and stay engaged with your classes. The semester is quickly coming to an end and you do not want to fall behind. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 906-227-1700 or
  • If you need someone to talk to during this unsettling time, you can call NMU Counseling and Consultation Services at 906-227-2980, or check out Therapist Assist Online (TAO) Connect that is available on the MyNMU Student Services menu. One recommended module is “Calming Your Worry.”

More information to come as decisions are made. Thank you for practicing social distancing and washing your hands frequently.