Suggested Activities

Making the most of this unusual time

While many of the messages you are receiving are all about what NOT to do to protect yourself and others from the novel corona virus, we hope that you will also take this time to participate in positive activities. These could help relieve stress and help you stay healthy.

Please DO:

Get outside. Go for a walk or hike. Rent a fat tire bike, cross country skis or snowshoes from the Fit Zone. Play Frisbee golf. Explore a new trail or area.

Plan or participate in virtual student org events or challenges.

Use the time you would have spent walking to class to reconnect with a friend or relative with a phone call. Or send them a postcard or write a letter.

Try something new: learn an instrument or sign language. Make a painting or a craft project.

Read a book for fun.

Make chocolate chip cookies.

With K-12 schools out as well, volunteer to babysit or help out with efforts to provide lunches to families in need.

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