Workforce Development Section E

COURSE DESCRIPTION (Teams through Welding)

Teams and Teamwork (4 hours)
This workshop helps participants identify and understand team member roles, the composition of an effective team, necessary teamwork skills, advantages to teamwork, and how to avoid potential pitfalls or problems and develop individual strategies to be a successful team member.

Time Management (4 hours)
This workshop helps participants identify and understand personal time wasters, learn techniques to deal with the top time wasters, handle priorities and multiple projects efficiently and develop individual strategies to better manage their time.

Supervisory/Leadership (2 days – 2 weeks)
This course covers the role and responsibilities of supervisors, standard policy and procedures, communications and documentation, and strategic planning.

Welding (5 days)
This course includes safety, power sources, equipment set-up including wire feeder, shielding gases, methods of transfer and electrode selection; equipment maintenance, welding with SMAW, solid wire, flux core, gas shielded flux core, troubleshooting common wire welding and finish welding problems including undercut, cold roll porosity, slag entrapment, stubbing and burnback. Students are tested to AWS standards.

Welding, Stainless Steel
This is an advanced course designed to build on the skills of experienced welders.  The main thrust of the program will be stainless steel and GTAW (gas, tungsten, arc welding) proficeincy. The student will receive instruction in Basic Metallurgy, Welding Symbols, Join Design, Pre & Post Heat Principles, and Distortion Control. Students are tested to AWS standards.

* Additional copies of certificates or testing results available upon request; $1 per page plus $1 for postage & handling.

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