Workforce Development Section D

COURSE DESCRIPTION (Plumbing through Large Valves and Piping)


Problem Solving (1 day – 1 week)
Looking at root cause analysis, participants engage in setting goals and action plans, using problem solving techniques in decision making and delegation reaching efficiencies designed to eliminate waste and ensure systemic advances.

Pump Repair (3 days)
Participants will learn how to identify basic types of pumps, describe the principles of operation of the following types of pumps (centrifugal, piston, and diaphragm), disassemble and correctly assemble a pump of each of the above common types listing the mechanical defects encountered, install and adjust packing and a mechanical seal, calculate the flow rate of a positive displacement pump, identify different impeller types-axial, radial, mixed flow, semi-open, open, closed, van, single and double suction

Quality Control (3 days)
This course will provide supervisors with quality control procedures to be utilized in the process and quality improvement of products.  Program includes Total Quality Management overview, Deming’s fourteen points, factors effecting quality, problem solving techniques, continuous improvement process, waste free manufacturing, building a quality manual, quality manual review, quality manual implementation, and internal auditing for quality.

Rigging and Hoisting (2 days)
Participants will learn hand signals, accessories and hitches for load lifting, knots and knot applications, using charts for tensile strength and safe workloads, sling formulas for given weights, types of hoists, hook lifting devices, installation of wire rope clips, various equipment inspections and discrepancies to look for, estimate weight of steel, overhead cranes.  Includes a rigging test.

Large Valves and Piping (3 days)
Instruction will involve identifying common types of valves 2” and over, large metal piping, fittings, strainers, filters, traps, different types of valve actuators, and different types of grooved pipe systems.  The aim is to be able to demonstrate abilities to troubleshoot and repair, use an OSTER threader, use a hot tap machine, and demonstrate the “CLOW” piping system.

* Copies of certificates or testing results available upon request; $1 per page plus $1 for postage & handling.

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