Workforce Development Section C

COURSE DESCRIPTION (Industrial Math through Word)

Industrial Math (12 hours)
This course includes U.S. and metric units of measure and conversions, conducting measurements, using decimals, fraction concepts and equivalent fractions, multiply/divide fractions, add/subtract like fractions and least common multiple/denominator, add/subtract unlike fractions, combined operations and complex fractions and operations on mixed numbers.

Laser Alignment (2 days)
Learn flexible coupling purpose, metallic coupling and flexible element types, coupling selection, maintenance/removal/installation, balance, rotating shaft alignment including limits, equipment, tolerances and alignment methods.

Managerial Communications (6 hours)
For project coordinators and supervisors. This training includes components of the communication process, verbal and non-verbal communications, obstacles to communications, listening skills, effect of personality on communications, group decision making, advantages of group decision making, and components of letter writing.

Medical First Responder (80 hours)
This course is designed to prepare students to act quickly and confidently in emergency medical situations as a result of either illness or injury.  The 80-hour course exceeds the required hours for licensure by the State of Michigan as a Medical First Responder and provides the participants with hands on experience.


Excel (4 hours - 2 days)
Participants will develop basic skills in the operation of spreadsheet software. The first part of the training will emphasize principles of spreadsheet design and creating and formatting basic spreadsheets and charts. The second part of the training will focus on manipulating large spreadsheets, applying advanced formulas and functions to solve problems, and sorting and querying lists of data.

PowerPoint (4 hours - 1 day)
Participants will develop skill in operating presentation graphics software. Emphasis is on applying the features of the program to create slide show presentations including graphics and sounds, automating presentations, and setting transitions.

Word (4 hours - 2 days)
Participants will develop skill in the operation of word processing software. Emphasis is on creating, formatting and revising documents and tables, working with graphics and charts and manipulating multiple section reports.

MSHA Certified Annual Refresher (8 hours - one day)
This program covers all aspects of the annual training requirements for owners, operators and contractors under 30 CFR Part 48 & 30 CFR Part 46. This refresher course covers major changes which may adversely affect safety and health as well as other topics specified in the mine safety training plan. We will customize the session to meet your specific needs and hold the course on campus or at your site. Those successfully completing the course will return to the job with the skills necessary to perform their work in accordance with the MSHA regulations.  

MSHA Certified New Miner (24 hours - 3 days)
This three day program covers all aspects of training for miners working at surface mines and surface areas of underground mines. This new miner session covers all topic requirements for owners, operators, and contractors under 30 CFR Part 48 & 30 CFR Part 46. The course covers topics such as HazCom, an introduction to work place environment, mine hazards, miner's rights, PPE, intro to confined space and fall protection. Those successfully completing this course will have the skills necessary to perform their work in accordance with the MSHA regulations.

* Additional copies of certificates or testing results available upon request; $1 per page plus $1 for postage & handling.

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