Workforce Development Section B

COURSE DESCRIPTION (Electrical Maintenance through Hydraulics)

Electrical Maintenance Basic/Intermediate (3 days)
Covers basic safety, electrical fundamentals, test procedures, some print reading, etc.  Textbook required.

Electrical Maintenance Advanced (3 days)
Covers more advanced print reading and troubleshooting, both PLC type circuits and standard motor control circuits– some electrical motor fundamentals and testing.  Textbook required.

EPA Certification (HVAC)

Forklift Training and Certification (1 day)
This one-day program includes the Forklift Operator License test which is a three year certification/recertification.  The program also includes the pre-operation safety checks, capacities, safe operation, and hands-on forklift operation.  Attendees who successfully complete the test will be given their 3-year operator license.

Gear Drives and Open Gearing (2 days)
Participants in this course will learn about gear types including spur, helical, bevel, worm, rack and pinion, internal, and gear terminology.  Gear alignment instruction will include preliminary, backlash method, and root clearance method, gear failure and inspection, comparative sizes of gear teeth, and gear characteristics.

The 8-hour Annual Refresher course is required after Initial Course completion. The 24-hour Technical course qualifies people for the Occasional Site Worker level for work on known or potentially contaminated sites. The 40-hour Full Initial course is for General Site Workers on known or potentially contaminated sites.  It also meets classroom/instructional requirement for Supervisors.

Hydraulics (2 days)
The class is designed to review the fundamentals of hydraulics and to provide a working knowledge of the components used in hydraulic power systems.  Emphasis is placed on the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of individual components and circuits.  Training includes principles and laws, fluid power diagrams, contamination/fluid conditioning, hydraulic pumps, motors and cylinders, hydraulic control valves, troubleshooting/fluid power circuits and components, component testing, electro-hydraulic control systems, and circuit analysis.

* Additional copies of certificates or testing results available upon request; $1 per page plus $1 for postage & handling.

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