Workforce Development Section A

COURSE DESCRIPTION (Bearings through Cranes)

Bearing and Power Transmission (5 days)
This course includes: bearing types, terminology, tolerances, maintenance, lubrication, failures and bearing lab; power transmission fundamentals and terminology, coupling and alignment, condition monitoring, installation and alignment lab; chain, V-belt/sheaves/bushings and installation lab; gearing and gear reducers, shaft mount reducer installation lab; gearing reducer repair, parallel shaft gear reducer and parallel shaft unit assembly lab.

Bearing Maintenance (3 days)
This course includes: radial anti-friction bearings, construction and terminology, number system and dimensions, housed bearing types, bearing speeds/loads/life, manufacturer’s tolerances, shaft and housing fits/tolerances, bearing arrangements and internal radial clearance, bearing failure analysis, loading patterns, condition monitoring, machine measurements, lubrication, installation and removal.

Belt Conveyors (2 days)
This course uses Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association Installation Standards.  Instruction will identify types of conveyors, parts and components of a typical conveyor, installing components, remove and install reducers, check list before start-up, and troubleshooting. Participants will make up a spare drive pulley from a print.

Belt Splicing
Instruction will identify types of cookers, splices and materials used, clips, and grades of belting, as well as, demonstrating various types of repairs.

Blueprint Reading, Industrial (3 days)
This course will provide instruction in identifying types of architectural drawings, basic weld symbols, and supplementary forms of information found on a blueprint.  Understand and interpret an engineer’s scale. Demonstrate ability to do basic sketching in Orthographic sketches, Isometric sketches, and Isometric piping sketches.

Boiler Attendant (1 day)
This course will cover combustion and heat energy, boiler design, water treatment, boiler operation and maintenance, and instrumentation and controls.

Training delivery can cover small, overhead, and mobile crane safety and operations.

* Additional copies of certificates or testing results available upon request; $1 per page plus $1 for postage & handling.

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