UPCI Instructors

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Jim Marquardson

Teaches: CIS 226, CIS 250, CIS 336, IS 436

Bio: Dr. Jim Marquardson earned his Ph.d. from the University of Arizona in Management Information Systems where he researched novel ways to detect lies using modern technology. Jim has published articles in journals such as Decision Support Systems, Interacting with Computers, and the Journal of Information Systems Education. His research interests include human-computer interaction, persuasive technology, information security, data analytics, and education.

Jim has worked in information technology at Zions Bank and Exxon Mobil. He chose to return to academia so that he could prepare the next generation of information technology professionals. Jim uses a hands-on approach to teaching cyber security topics. His students build computer networks, create virtual machines, and develop software.
Jim enjoys mountain biking, baking, college football, ethical hacking, programming, and music.

Picture of Ahmed Elnoshokaty

Ahmed Elnoshokaty

B.Sc., Computer Engineering, Alexandria University; MBA, Graduate School of Business, Arab Academy for Science and Technology; Ph.D., Dakota State University.

Teaches: CIS 100, CIS 250

Bio: Dr. Ahmed worked as a software engineer and systems analyst in the banking and telecommunication companies for four years. Also, he founded and managed tech startups for three years. At NMU, Dr. Ahmed teaches a wide range of courses mainly focused on business analytics. He taught CIS 100 Computer Concepts, CIS 222 Quantitative Business Problem Solving, CIS 250 Systems Analysis and Design, and CIS 351 User Interface Design, CIS 322/MGT 495ST Analytics for Decision Support, BUS 595 Business Analytics for Managers, and BUS 560 Quantitative Decision Making.

His research interests are in Health Informatics, Intelligent transportation, Education, Online Civic Engagement, and Entrepreneurship. He published in INFORMS Institute for Operations Research & the Management Sciences, BCERC Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, HICSS Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, AMCIS Americas Conference on Information Systems, and EDSIGCON Conference on Information Systems & Computing Education. And JAIS the Journal of Association of Information Systems, ISEDJ Information Systems Education Journal, ICIS International Conference for Information Systems, Apart from work, his hobbies are swimming in lake superior, as well as biking and running trails.

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Randy Appleton

Teaches: CS 302, CS 120

Bio: Dr. Randy Appleton earned his bachelors at the University of Illinois, and his Masters and Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky (Go Wildcats!). He researches prefetching, which is the idea that if we could predict what file you are about to need, we could request it and have it ready when you actually need it. The hard part, of course, is making correct predictions about the future. For fun, he flies small airplanes and loves to travel. He's been to over 30 countries