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Protective clothing

FOR YOUR PROTECTION  you will need the following protective clothing for all range sessions. Cold and/or wet weather gear should be included because we ride regardless of the weather.  You also may need sun protection.
  • Long sleeved jacket or heavy shirt:  Arms must be covered while riding.  It is best to dress in layers according to the weather.  The outermost layer must be long sleeved.
  • Long pants: No shorts.  We suggest jeans. Man-made materials will melt when
    exposed to heat from engines and exhaust pipes.
  • Helmet:  DOT or Snell approved helmet. Half-helmets need RiderCoach Approval.  If you have any concerns about a helmet, bring it with you on Friday.
  • Eye Protection: Face shield or goggles, (Bring some glasses to wear under your shield. This will allow you to ride with your shield up on very warm days.)
  • Gloves: Must be full-fingered. Leather is preferred.
  • Boots or heavy shoes:  Sturdy boots, must cover the ankles and have a low heel. No gym-type shoes or tennis shoes. 

For 2021 masks are REQUIRED, even if you have had the vaccination.

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