About Us

Male and female medical techniciansNorthern Michigan University invites you to participate in learning opportunities that extend the reach of Northern's learning resources to diverse places, times and types of learner.

In order to meet the post-secondary educational needs of people who are unable to attend regular classes, Northern offers several undergraduate and graduate credit programs that occur off campus or during special time periods.

  • Courses offered during the summer, evenings and weekends.
  • Courses offered off campus in locations across the Upper Peninsula.
  • Customized training that meets the needs of businesses, organizations and agencies.
  • Professional development opportunities to improve current skills or prepare for a new job.

Keep learning, any time, anywhere. Whether your goal is personal growth, professional development, academic achievement or related to the improvement of your organization or business, Northern Michigan University has something for you.

Continuing Education Mission Statement

Adult students require programs that deliver results specific to their professional needs with course schedules and delivery methods that allow participation outside the traditional semester format. Continuing Education’s goal is to provide these vitally important lifelong learning opportunities to individuals and groups in the Upper Peninsula and beyond.