Motorcycle Safety Required Equipment

Basic Rider Web Enhanced Course


You must provide a printed copy of the eCourse Completion Certificate at the start of class.

Waiver of Liability
As a  participant, you must turn in a signed waiver of Liability to the RiderCoach at the first class session.  If you are less than 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver in person at the start of class or it must be notorized.  Admission to the class will be denied without a signed Waiver.

COVID Waiver - All RiderCoaches and students MUST sign this form before each day of class.

Masks MUST be worn at all times!

For Your Protection
You will need the following protective clothing for all range sessions. Cold and/or wet weather gear should be included because we ride regardless of the weather.  You also may need sun protection.

  • Long sleeved jacket or heavy shirt:  Arms must be covered while riding.  It is best to dress in layers according to the weather.  The outermost layer must be long sleeved.
  • Long pants: No shorts.  We suggest jeans. Man-made materials will melt when exposed to heat from engines and exhaust pipes.
  • Helmet:  DOT or Snell approved helmet. Half-helmets need RiderCoach Approval.  If you have any concerns about a helmet, bring it with you on Friday.
  • Eye Protection: Face shield or goggles, (Bring some glasses to wear under your shield. This will allow you to ride with your shield up on very warm days.)
  • Gloves: Must be full-fingered. Leather is preferred.
  • Boots or heavy shoes:  Sturdy boots, must cover the ankles and have a low heel. No gym-type shoes or tennis shoes.

Maintaining Energy Levels
We strongly recommend packing a lunch, snacks and small cooler with plenty of ice water. There will be scheduled breaks and a 60 minute lunch break on Saturday and Sunday.  The Basic Riding Course is physically demanding. Fluids and snacks will help you to maintain your energy levels.

Optional Medical Insurance Information 
We recommend that you have your health insurance information available in the event of an emergency.  If you are less than 18 years of age, have a parent or guardian write and sign a statement permitting emergency medical care.

Here is a sample statement:

   "In the event of an injury, as a parent/guardian of _______________________,
    I grant   permission for emergency medical treatment in my absence."

Your parent/guardian then signs and dates this statement.  They should complete the health insurance information and an emergency phone number on the liability waiver form. They may write the permission statement on the back of the liability waiver.

Class Materials 
You will need pen or pencil, high-lighter, and notepad. Most importantly bring a positive attitude and the determination to succeed.

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