MC Course Attendance Policy and Requirements

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Read the important information below before registering!

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Online Registration only. Non-refundable $50 fee.
We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. All credit card transactions are processed through a secure website. You must provide the following information: your name, (include parent or guardian name if you are under 18), address, phone number, driver's license number or permit number, age, birth date, and an E-mail address if you have one.  **Have this information on hand before entering the registration page.** 

Online Registration and Stand-by
Classroom and range sites, the dates at each site, the course number and available openings are listed. When the class is filled, registrations for that class are closed and the "stand-by" option becomes available. Before entering the registration page, write down your course number, site and date selected. After the credit card payment is confirmed, the system’s [valid payment response is confirmation of your space in the class.]  **This response should be printed before exiting the Registration Page.** If you are registering as a stand-by, you will not need to enter a credit card.  

No-shows and Standbys
Standbys should register as stand-by. Show up to a class and if there are any no shows a stand-by will be selected to participate in the class.  You will be given a code for the eCourse and you will need to complete the eCourse before you will receive a completion certificate.  When you show up to a class you must be ready to participate if selected. You will need to pay $50 once selected to participate.

Attendance Policy 
Students must be on time and attend all class and riding sessions, pass a written exam and riding skills test in order to successfully complete the course. Upon successful completion, NMU will enter your completion information into the Secretary of State CARS site within 48 hours of class completion. Once this is complete you will receive an email with Course Completion information and how to get your endorsement.  This completion certificate is valid for one year from the date of class completion. 

Class Requirements
Students should sign in 15 minutes before the class starting time. Students arriving after the class starts will forfeit their slot in the class. Anyone arriving without an eCourse Completion Certificate or a signed Waiver of Liability will not be admitted to the class or refunded the $50 fee. Riders under 18 years of age must have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Protective clothing is required for range hours, only DOT or Snell approved helmets may be used.

Dismissal or incomplete
During the weekend program, if a student doesn't show up or decides not to complete the class for any reason, they may withdraw but the $50 fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. A student may be dismissed from the class if, in the judgment of the instructor, they present a personal hazard, or a hazard to other students or instructors.  The instructor's decision is final, and the course fee is non-refundable. In order to participate in another session, you must register and pay for the new session. 

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All registrations are online only!

Not advisable to use a mobile device: Should be able to print Waiver after registering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Masks will be required at all locations.

DO NOT use the same email address for more than one person!!

You will receive an email about two weeks prior to your class with information regarding taking the eCourse.


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