Student Commencement Speaker - Liberty Turner

December 2018 Student Commencement Speaker-Liberty Turner
December 2018 Student Commencement Speaker

Liberty Turner is from Harrison Township, Michigan. She is earning a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Paralegal Studies and Economics.

Liberty chose NMU because, “I really needed a school that wanted me to succeed just as much as I wanted to succeed. That’s why I came to NMU, but I fell in love with Northern when I became emerged in such a supportive community.”

During her time at Northern, Liberty became actively involved in the both the NMU and Marquette communities. She was the Communication Chair of the Student Law Forum (2015-2018), a member of the NMU Cheer Team (2015-2107), an NMU Student Ambassador (2016-2018) and was an Undergraduate Research Assistant for the Economics Department in 2017. Liberty’s involvement in the Marquette community included being a Big Sister in the Big Brother Big Sister Program (2016- present), coaching the Marquette Senior High School Varsity Cheerleaders (2016-2017), and volunteering for the Michigan Democratic Party.

Liberty also completed an internship with the Department of Veteran Affairs Legal Department in Detroit, MI.  Liberty stated, “I learned what the day to day life of an attorney is like. In the classroom we learn what the law is, but not how to apply it in everyday life.”  Liberty also gained experience at her part time job / internship at Wideman Filizetti P.C.  She said, “I love the fast pace relevant work environment.  Working at Wideman Filizetti has probably impacted my college experience the most and really sets me apart from the others applying to law school.”

Liberty spends her free time cooking, hiking, rollerblading, skiing and with her family and friends. She loves trying new recipes and is proud to say she calls her parents every day.

Liberty’s future plans include working as a legal assistant, applying to law schools and volunteering. Her goal is to be in law school in the Fall of 2019.