SLHS Clinical Use of Facility

Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

Sessions and Cancellations

Because the clinic is part of Northern Michigan University, we operate on the university schedule, offering services three semesters per year: winter (January - April), summer (May - July) and fall (September - December). We are closed during times the university is closed, including certain holidays, semester breaks and due to inclement weather. Your student clinician will advise you of the schedule for the semester during which you receive services. 

In the event the clinic must cancel your appointment due to student clinician illness or other unexpected events, we will contact you and reschedule. If you must cancel your appointment for any reason, please notify us ahead of time by calling 906-227-2125 or email: Please give us the name of your faculty supervisor and student clinician, as well as the reason for the cancelation.

Check In

Upon arrival for your appointment, patients and family members are to remain in the clinic waiting room until your student clinician comes to escort you to your treatment area. In no case should you enter the clinic area unescorted; this is to protect confidentiality of our services and to allow us to work uninterrupted.


Parents are invited to observe their child’s work with the student clinician. At these times, siblings are allowed in the observation area under parental supervision as long as they do not disrupt the work of the clinic. It is absolutely necessary to maintain these areas as dark, quiet, clean environments. Therefore, no food or beverages are allowed in the observation areas. Disruptive persons will be asked to leave.

Questions About Evaluation or Treatment

Questions about any of the procedures we use in the diagnosis or treatment of communication problems or any of the other services we provide should be directed to the faculty member supervising the student clinician who will be working with you or your family member. Questions about the procedures and policies of the clinic should be addressed to the clinical coordinator. It is our goal that your contact with the NMU Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Program and Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic are pleasant and productive.