SLHS Clinic Virtual Tours

Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

Northern Michigan University's state-of-the-art facility, part of the renovation and expansion of the West Science Building in the Seaborg Science Complex, was completed in 2001.  The new facilities include six therapy rooms, five observation rooms and a bank of monitors for observation.  In addition, the facility features a new reception and waiting area, and several specialty areas such as a new audiological testing suite and a preschool classroom.

Virtual Tour

Provided below is a video of each room in our clinic. To view the movies, you will need to download Apple QuickTime Player -- a free program.  Dial-up users are encouraged to use the 'Lo' speed version of the videos.

ReceptionWelcome to our waiting room and reception area
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Audiological testing suiteThis is our audiological testing suite.
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adult therapy roomOur adult therapy room is where we
hold individual or group sessions.
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Activities of daily living roomOur activities of daily living (ADL) room contains kitchen and living room areas in which we can conduct treatment sessions that simulate activities of daily living.
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Materials roomThe materials room is where we store all evaluation and treatment supplies, kits and programs. It is a Speech-Language Pathologist’s dream come true!
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Therapy roomMost of our therapy rooms can be used with children or adults.
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