Expected Student Outcomes

  1. lab equipmentMeet expected competencies of the individual fields of laboratory science as dictated by certifying/professional agencies and expected industry standards.
  2. Succeed in national certification exams such that the program pass rate exceed the national pass rate; that program means exceeds the national means.
  3. Compete successfully for internship placement at a 90 percent placement rate (or not more than one student per placement period denied acceptance).
  4. Compete effectively in the job market with an 80 percent or better placement rate and/or matriculate successfully into an advanced course of study.
  5. Become professionally involved beyond the minimum day-to-day job requirements of career-entry practice as might be evidenced by gaining promotions or attaining specialization, membership in associations, participating in committee work, conducting or participating in research, developing a project, making presentations, continuing one’s education (continuing education or formal education) or professional work resulting in publications.