About Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences History

Carey HallIn 1965, what has been called Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences since 2006 was listed as an experimental major in teacher certification programs. By 1973, speech pathology and audiology had become its own department, becoming independent of the Speech Department, which included theatre, speech, interpretation, broadcasting and speech education. The Speech Pathology and Audiology Department was located in Carey Hall. In 1975, a name change occurred when Speech Pathology and Audiology became known as Communication Disorders.

At one time, the department prepared both undergraduate- and graduate-level speech pathologists to assume professional responsibilities in a variety of clinical work settings. Now, the program focuses on preparing undergraduate students for graduate school, field work and certification by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association.

Source: Page 94 of A Sense of Time by Russell Magnaghi.