A podcast is a set of digital recordings to which a person can subscribe. For example, if a professor podcasts his lectures for a semester, each time a new lecture is added to the podcast library, students who have subscribed to the podcast will automatically have it distributed to their computer or digital media player (e.g., iPod).

Some podcasts include only audio; others also have a visual component. Audio podcasts can be recorded using a computer and microphone or using a digital audio recorder. Instructional Design and Technology has a digital audio recorder available for faculty to borrow. Various software tools can be used to produce the files for video podcasts, including Camtasia. Camtasia software is available to faculty from the Help Desk and is supported at the CTL.

NMU has a server set up to deliver podcasts called 'WildCast' for streaming both audio and video. Faculty members who create podcasts receive space on that server. If you are interested in podcasting, contact AV: Classroom Support staff.