In celebration of its twentieth anniversary, the Marquette Choral Society introduced its Upper Peninsula Choral Leadership Award. The first awards were presented at the December, 1991 concert. Since then, the award has been given at the spring concert.

Criteria for the award are:
  • At least ten (10) years service to choral music in the Upper Peninsula; and 
  • Demonstrated excellence in teaching, conducting, and/or support for quality choral music in the Upper Peninsula 
The award may be posthumously presented, and a maximum of two awards per year may be granted.

To Make a Nomination

Nominations for the award are solicited in January and the deadline for them, together with letters of support and other supporting materials is in mid-February. Watch the web site for each year's announcement indicating the address to which the nomination should be sent.

A nomination is strengthened by letters of support from people who can speak of their personal knowledge of the nominee's choral leadership and who can tell of the influence the nominee has had on them.  

Past Recipients

Here is a listing of past recipients of the Upper Peninsula Choral Leadership Award. Follow the links at the right for photos and biographical information on them.

  • April, 2011
    • Sheila Grazulis and Tony Beacco
  • April, 2010
    • N. Lynne Koski Lanczy, Marquette
  • April, 2002
    • Gretchen Betts, Marquette
    • Jeanne Trost, Marquette
  • April, 2001
    • Douglas Amman, Muncie, Indiana
    • John Kiltinen, Marquette
  • April, 2000
    • Mildred Johnson, Marquette (posthumously)
    • Milton Olsson, Houghton
  • April, 1999
    • Sandra Balmer, Marquette
    • Mary Ganfield, Negaunee Public Schools
  • April, 1998
    • Gladys Freethy, Ishpeming
    • Arthur J. Hill, Chassell (posthumously)
  • April, 1997
    • Mary Trolla, Negaunee
    • Wayne Hanmer, Marquette
  • April, 1996
    • Hildegarde Johnson, Marquette
    • Floyd Slotterback, Marquette
  • April, 1995
    • Conrad Beck, Escanaba (posthumously)
    • John Beck, Escanaba
  • April, 1994
    • Mary Wood, Sault Ste. Marie
    • Sharon Green, Marquette
  • April, 1993
    • Ellen Clement, Marquette
    • David Erfourth, Rudyard
  • December, 1991
    • Paul F. Cowen, Gladstone
    • Ruth Matthews, Marquette