Professor and student in labChemistry is an expansive field and Northern Michigan University offers well-respected academic programs to address students’ career needs. Our degree programs include five bachelor’s and three minors.

On this Web site, you will find information that will help guide you through the advising  process in order to fulfill your degree requirements. We’ll provide professional resources  so you will be well prepared to pursue your future career. In addition, the site is designed to offer resources to assist you in locating other NMU offices and organizations where you can receive academic and general assistance and support. There are many extracurricular activities to help enrich your experience while attending Northern.

NMU’s chemistry faculty and staff take pride in giving personal attention to our students. We want to be able to answer your questions and refer you to other areas for support, if needed. Our goal is to enlighten you on the many career opportunities in the chemistry field and provide you with the education needed for your employment and personal goals. Stop by and visit to learn more about chemistry and biochemistry opportunities at Northern.