Program Updates and News

Construction started May 6 2019 on the remodeling of the new Medicinal Plant Chemistry Grow Facility and Instrumentation Lab.  The remodeled space will be ready to use for the fall 2019 semester.     

News Coverage


Dr. Brandon Canfield and his students presented their research at the American Chemical Society meeting in Orlando Florida in March 2019.  They presented on

          Determination of rate constants and activation energies associated with cannabidiol (CBD) formation and decomposition.

          Impacts of various acids on thermal decomposition of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in methanol and ethanol

          Chemical analysis of an obscure Rubus: the thimbleberry (R. parviflorus )

Dr. Mark Paulsen was a panelist at the annual conference of the Institute of Cannabis Research on the campus of Colorado State-Pueblo in March.  The presentation was part of a session on Cannabis across the curriculum.

Dr. Lee Roecker was a panelist at the Medical Cannabis symposium held on the campus of NMU in October 2018.

Dr. Mark Paulsen was a panelist at the CannaMexico conference held in Guanajuato Mexico in May 2018