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"Northern Michigan University will offer a new medicinal plant chemistry program, beginning with the fall 2017 semester. It is the only four-year degree of its kind to combine experimental horticulture and advanced analytical chemistry with an optional entrepreneurial track. The program is designed to prepare students for success in emerging industries related to medicinal plant production, analysis and distribution." Read the entire Campus Connect article here.

News Coverage

Conference Exhibits

During 2017, we hosted exhibits at 4 different conferences. These conferences were selected because of their prominence in the industry and because of their varied topics of focus and geographical location.The primary purpose of exhibiting at these conferences was to publicize our program, specifically while it is still the first and only program of its kind.  To this end, our participation has been successful.  Before the first two conferences, we received only a few cold-call inquiries regarding our program.  Now, it is 1-2 per week, and seemingly increasing rapidly. The conferences we attended were:

Connections have been made directly with least 50 different businesses across the cannabis industry, including attorneys, media, fertilizer, lighting, scientific instrumentation, packaging, marketing, dispensing, growing, extraction, etc. as a result of our attendance at these conferences.  Representatives of these companies have expressed interest in accepting our students as possible interns and have also proclaimed their intentions to share info about our program and NMU to any prospective students they encounter.  Our program has been universally well-received, and people seem genuinely enthused and excited to see us exhibiting at the conferences and offering a real degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry.

Several important (and unexpected) contacts were also made.  These include Shelly Edgerton, Director of Michigan's Office of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, and Ed Rosenthal, long-time marijuana activist and author, among others.

Measurable impacts on enrollment directly from the conferences will take time to assess.  In the first two conferences, multiple people mentioned that they had sons/daughters who were 11th/12th grade and would be very interested in our program.  At least 4 people directly mentioned the possibility of a campus visit later this summer, and I of course told them to call me directly if they wished to do so so that I could help to coordinate that.