Chemistry Club


About us

chemistry clubWe are an official NMU student organization that is open to all students. Our focus is to promote and engage in activities related to chemistry and biochemistry. We meet Thursday at 5pm in the Student Resource Room (2203A) on the second floor of  New Science Facility.

Our faculty adviser is Dr. Lesley Putman of the Chemistry Department. We have a collection of pamphlets and flyers for various chemistry and chemistry-related graduate programs in our resource room. These materials are available to all students. The resource room is usually open during regular university business hours on weekdays. If the room is not open, please contact the secretary in the Chemistry Department in NSF 3301.

The co-presidents of the club are  Mia Carvajal and Tevra Boris.


chemistry club

One club activity was recreating the periodic table using cupcakes!


Other Activities

Club members participate in science outreach programs, organize a student/faculty picnic, act as event assistants/judges for the regional Science Olympiad, pick up trash on Adopt-A-Highway weeks and help to sponsor outside speakers.



American Chemical Society
National Institutes of Health Database (PubMed)