About Us

child in classroomThe Charter Schools Office at Northern Michigan University is responsible for the oversight of NMU’s nine public school academies or charter schools.

A public school academy is a state-supported public school that may include any grade up to grade 12.  These schools receive state and federal funding and have to meet all of the same requirements as the schools in the local school district.

As an authorizing body, Northern Michigan University is responsible for making sure each public school academy it charters is in compliance with statute, rules and terms of the contract between NMU and the school.

Some of the duties this office performs is determining if a school meets fire, safety and health codes; reviewing and approving the school’s bylaws; preparing the necessary information for the NMU Board of Trustees for their approval of charter school board members; and verifying that a board is following all appropriate governing board and meeting laws.

We’re a small staff, but we believe we have great jobs. We get to work with people who really care about educating students and offer a variety of learning settings for that to happen.  While we don’t tell the schools or their boards how to operate or what decisions to make, we get to enjoy the results of their extensive hard work.

If you would like more information about charter schools or NMU’s charter schools, please contact us at 906-227-6600.