Stationery Standards

University Stationery

NMU's stationery includes its letterhead, envelopes, memoranda forms, mailing labels and business cards. These items are the primary means of establishing the university image at the personal level. Functional and contemporary in appearance, Northern Michigan University stationery has been carefully created to be consistent with other applications of Northern Michigan University graphic identity program.

Use of the university's stationery is permitted only for official business conducted by persons under contract in officially recognized divisions, schools, departments, centers or other units. University letterhead and envelopes must never be used for personal correspondence.


The Northern Michigan University signature appears in the upper-left-hand corner of the letterhead.

Official university letterhead and envelopes must be ordered from Printing Services as follows:

  1. Three-color (black, gold, and green), 25 percent rag bond.
  2. Black only, 25 percent rag bond.

Letterhead and envelopes featuring the three-color signature is the preferred stationery for all off-campus university correspondence. However, it is appropriate for letters to be laser printer generated in black only and for black only stationery to be printed for mass mailings.

Photocopies for the three-color letterhead should not be distributed on campus due to poor reproduction quality of the signature and green and gold colors.

Depending on the quantity purchased, the cost differential between the three-color, and one-color stationery can be minimal.

The inside address should appear in the upper right-hand corner as follows:

Line 1: Office, Department, or College
Line 2: 1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Line 3: Marquette, MI 49855-5309 (use of nine digit zip code is optional)
Line 4: Telephone number 906-227-xxxx
Line 5: FAX number 906-227-xxxx
Line 6: Web site
Note: Inclusion of the main university Web site address on letterhead is required. Substituting your office's or department's individual Web site address is not permitted.

This is the only contact information permitted in the upper right-hand corner of university letterhead. Contact information in this area may not exceed six lines.

For those who wish to include additional contact information such as intra-campus office address and e-mail, an alternate version of the letterhead is available. If used, the intra-campus office address should appear on line two, after the office, department, or college and before the university address. The telephone, fax, Web, and e-mail information is set in the bottom center of the letterhead as follows:

Line 1: Telephone numbers (no more than three - e.g. telephone, fax and toll-free - separated by square bullets)
Line 2: E-mail (optional) and Web site addresses (required).

Note that in the alternate version, the telephone, fax number and Web site address are moved from the upper right hand corner, inside address location to the bottom center. For those who prefer to use the alternate version, no more than four lines of contact information are allowed in the upper-right hand corner, and no more than two lines of contact information are allowed in the bottom center.

No other symbols or information may appear on letterheads without authorization from the director of Communications and Marketing or the university editor.

Interoffice Memoranda

Printing Services can supply pre-printed memorandum stock, printed in black on 20 pound white bond. Your office address may be added if desired.