Mail Service Permits

When mailing a large quantity of mail that is all the same, the USPS allows the sender to mail at reduced costs. Mail sent this way must include an appropriate permit on it in place of a stamp. For First-class mail the University has permit 70 for standard or bulk mail the permit is number is 54.

Permit 70

This permit is for at least 200 pieces of First-class mail. If 500 or more pieces are sent and the mail is presorted by zip code we can use a Presorted Permit 70 for a larger discount.

Permit 54

This permit is for bulk or standard mail of at least 200 pieces. All pieces must be identical and presorted. Northern Michigan University qualifies for nonprofit status with the USPS allowing us to send standard mail at very reduced rates. There are certain conditions that must be adhered to for mail to be sent with the nonprofit permit 54 stamp. Please contact us before designing your mailing so that we can get you the lowest cost for mailing.

Business Reply Mail

When requesting that a response be returned, you can either put a stamp on each piece to be returned or we can print a Business Reply Mail permit on the card or envelope. With Business Reply Mail you are charged only for those pieces that are returned to you through the mail. If Printing Services is designing your mail the correct permit will be included before printing.