Business Cards

Business cards are available in a standard format, consistent with university stationery. University business cards must be ordered from Printing Services. They have been pre-printed with the three-color signature. All other information is printed in black on one side only.

The following format is required for all university employees unless specifically approved by Communications and Marketing:

business card sampleUpper right (optional)

Line 1: College/Department/Office
Line 2: Campus mailing address


Line 1: Name (optional degree or professional affiliation initials - e.g. Ph.D.)
            Note the prefix Dr. is not used.
Line 2: Title

Bottom Center

Line 1: NMU mailing address
Line 2: Office phone, FAX (optional), home phone (optional), toll free phone (optional)
            Note: No more than three phone numbers may be listed.
Line 3: E-mail address (optional), NMU main Web site address (required)
            Note: Because office, departmental, and college Web site link locations are subject to revision, only the main NMU Web site address may be listed on NMU stationery.

No other symbols or information may appear on business cards without authorization from Communications and Marketing.