Student Opportunities

Many different types of opportunities exist for Northern Michigan University students at the Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship.  These include:

1. Working with the NMU-CEEE staff to create new materials for Upper Peninsula classrooms and parents. 

Interns for the NMU-CEEE help the center make community presentations, put on workshops, prepare needed materials for teachers and do research.

Some recent examples of student-created learning materials include:

  • Circular Flow Diagram, by Eric Janofski, art and design
  • Learning More About the U.P. Mining Industry (including circular flow diagram) by Cindi Knoebel and Kristi Bobnock
  • The crow and the pitcher (published in Econedlink) by Laura Lepannen


2. Pre-service workshops for future teachers and internships.

The pre-service workshops in economic education are designed to reach future K-12 teachers. Education majors or instructors of methods courses are encouraged to contact the NMU-CEEE to arrange for a pre-service workshop.


To contact the NMU-CEEE about these student opportunities, e-mail