All programs of the Northern Michigan University Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship are designed to address a variety of Michigan standards and benchmarks in economics, social studies, language arts, math and personal finance.

The Center acts as a clearing house in providing Upper Peninsula teachers access to courses, workshops – both virtual and on-site workshops, as well as facilitating entrepreneurial learning experiences.We encourage educators to take advantage of the vast amount of materials available.

The Center’s programs are designed to help community, parent and university-student audiences understand the importance of economic education. The NMU-CEEE also coordinates the Upper Peninsula’s participation in the Michigan Awards for Excellence in Teaching Economics. This awards program recognizes teachers for excellence in teaching economics, entrepreneurship, and personal finance concepts in their classroom. The program acknowledges Michigan teachers who creatively integrate economic education into their classrooms, while fostering a continued sharing of successful teaching experiences in economics among teachers at every level. 

The Center also facilities the schools in participating in the Economics Challenge (Council for Economic Education), this program is an opportunity for teams of four high school students to demonstrate their knowledge on a broad array of economic topics and subjects. The Challenge is divided into two categories: Adam Smith for Advanced Placement Economics and David Ricardo for standard economics classes. The state champions will go to compete in  the Regional Competition with an opportunity to qualify for the National Championship in New York City.

The goal of the Center is to serve the Upper Peninsula population in the effort to increase economic and entrepreneurship literacy.  If you have an idea for a program you would like the Center to consider, please contact us at or 906-227-1218.